The 21st century has seen the competition getting more cut throat than ever. Hundreds of start-ups/ companies are being launched on a daily basis making it difficult for both the existing companies as well as themselves to survive. With that being said the question arises that are the conventional techniques for marketing enough to conquer this corporate world?

The answer to that seems like a clear NO but lets check some facts before arriving at a conclusion.

Benefits of Digital Marketing over Conventional Marketing


  • reduced cost
  • simple to measure
  • refined strategy
  • real time results
  • greater exposure
  • not intrusive 
  • greater engagement

For detailed study check source: digital marketing vs traditional marketing


Student’s perspective

No doubt the results achieved through digital marketing can not be denied hence making it a necessity for enthusiasts as well as for the student commodity to get those valuable insights.

The question which arises here is “how?”

For someone like me who has been involved in family business, I always have been an admirer of the strategies used by various organisations to boost up the performance of their product. The many aspects of formulating as well as implementing a marketing strategy has always excited me. While majoring in Economics from the University of Delhi, I found that the best way to sharpen up my skills was through internships.

During my term with various companies as a marketing intern, I found that majority of them just used social media “likes and shares” to justify the term digital marketing. So just sharing posts on Facebook or increasing app downloads through interns be classified as digital marketing or virtual marketing? NEVER.

On a random day while scrolling through Internshala, I stumbled upon the releaseMyAd marketing internship which completely changed my view on how the market works. India’s largest advertising platform, releaseMyAd offers a 7 week long program which starts every month which helps you to bring the marketer inside you to life. You can apply through The Intern App Website or download their app through Play Store.


Traditional marketing, still alive?

There are many advantages of traditional marketing including increased awareness of a brand, for example, when you are out and about there will be without doubt a trail of traditional advertising.

With billboards beaming call to actions as well as window displays enticing us to approach their stores, it’s never ending and maybe that’s a beneficial advantage. This form of marketing catches us when we are unaware and potentially this may result in a sporadic purchase.

Another factor to consider is the benefit of face to face contact. We all have experienced people trying to sell on our doorsteps, this human interaction could save us money if the product is something that we desire. For example, if you had a sales representative trying to sell you a cheaper television package, you wouldn’t need to ring them directly or purchase online. So, by considering the offer you could find yourself saving time.

Newspapers are another way that advertisers like to reach their audience by. It is called tangibility offers which refer to ads or products that readers come to contact in during their spare time. Source: Netinspire


In a market like that of India where a significant proportion of the audience lives in poverty and technology is not accessible to all, it won’t be advisable to just depend on modern marketing techniques.

In order to thrive in the current day market, the marketing strategy has to be a strategical mix of the modern as well as traditional marketing.


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