‘Radical’ is a contemporary pret women wear brand based out of Kolkata. It focuses on using pure silk fabrics and combining them with intricate bead work, hand dyeing techniques and original silk screen and digital prints. The result is an elegant, feminine line with classic and contemporary silhouettes paired with beautiful embroidery without any compromise in quality.

Why Radical?

Currently it is successfully retailing from multi-designer stores all over India such as Fuel (Mumbai), Zenon (Kolkata), Almari (Hyderabad) to name a few. At Radical, they explore a lot of traditional embroidery techniques and marry them with western silhouettes and patterns for a contemporary new age Indian look for the modern woman. their production team comprises of in house Pattern makers, Tailors, Hand and machine embroiderers and hand finishing experts. To sum up we can say – good looks without compromise.



As we can see that the above mesmerising design is an Aqua Foam Scallop Gown made by Studio Radical . Aqua Sheer Shoulder Scallop Foam Beads Embroidered Gown With Collar & Front Opening is all what you need to stand out of the crowd. Hand Embroidered With Foam Cut Work & Silver Beads along with 100% Silk Georgette & Shatoon Lining makes it a jaw dropping deal. All of this at just Rs 19800! Unbelievable, right?


To add to the collection comes along another distinct Yellow ‘Hi-low Tunic’ that is a must have for anyone looking to helm a modern outfit that is both smart and different. The yellow pink hand-dyed silk cold shoulder hi-low tunic comes with an exclusive signature mirror leather and a beads scallop embroidery. Hand embroidered with mirror leather cutworks and matte white beads, the beautiful tunic comprises of a 100% Pure Habutai Silk and Shatoon Lining. At just Rs 14800, things get even sweeter.


While executing all of our production in house, they are able to maintain strict quality control and ensure impeccable finish of every garment. Creating variations of textures and origami continue to be our signature style that we incorporate cleverly into our easy to wear outfits.

Visit Studio Radical and find out yourself!


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